Michael Entrekin, Pre-Licensed Counselor Associate

Practicing Since: 2024

While in therapy with Michael, clients can expect a compassionate and collaborative experience. Using empathy and a values-based philosophy, Michael approaches every situation as unique to the individual, and employs evidence-based therapeutic strategies to improve successful outcomes.

Michael believes that mental illness is a temporary setback rather than a terminal diagnosis. Too often in this post-covid world, we see our futures as “living with symptoms” of anxiety or social isolation, rather than overcoming and thriving. Using evidence-based research and a collaborative and solution-focused approach, Michael believes a strong therapeutic alliance is what truly leads towards success rather than simply symptom management. All therapeutic approaches have value when used in the contexts that they are best suited for. I utilize a multi-pronged approach of Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical, while also viewing relationships through a values-based attachment lens.

Having earned his master’s degree in education in school counseling and a recent graduated with a certificate in clinical counseling with an emphasis on diagnosis and attachment, Michael is well equipped to treat those who come to him with mental health ailments.

A husband and father to two awesome young kids, when he’s not busy working, Michael is often either out exploring with my family, or playing guitar, writing children’s books, creating apps, and riding his One Wheel. Michael Entrekin is under the clinical supervision of Bruce Weatherly, Psychologist (#PS005590L).