Measurable Results

We measure what matters.

Helping our clients achieve clinical success means the world to us. In a 2015 survey of over 13,000 clients, 91% indicated that they felt they made positive progress while in therapy.

M3 Assessment

We want clients to thrive. That is why we developed a program for counselors that is exclusive to Safe Harbor called Client Thrive 3.0. This program helps to enhance counselor performance which in turn helps you. Our goal is that you feel connected to your counselor and are able to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish through therapy.

Before you can feel better, it’s important to understand how mental health symptoms are currently impacting your life. The M3 is a measure that creates a personalized score to understand how much your mental health symptoms are impacting your life. Your counselor can use this assessment to tailor your treatment specifically to your needs. You will have the opportunity to reassess throughout your treatment to see how you are improving.

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