Martha Miller, LCSW

Practicing Since: 1973

Beginning with Karl Menninger’s Whatever Became of Sin?, Martha sought to integrate her clinical knowledge with Christian principles. Learning God’s names for Himself gave insights into what he wants to do for us; guided by the awesome passages that give insight into God’s deep concern for us, in sending the Wonderful Counselor to heal broken hearts, Martha’s desire is to share the comfort, encouragement and consolation that come from the heart of God.

Impressed with the ever-growing depth of understanding of scriptural applications to people’s behavior, she has followed the current literature on Christian counseling, new modes of therapy, emotional and social intelligence, and interpersonal relationship issues.  Martha earned her BA in Psychology at Cornell University, and MSW from Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Research and Social Work, and has built on that foundation ever since.

Martha has worked with adult women in therapeutic and psycho-educational settings and with adolescents and families in crisis. In these settings, she has worked to provide parents with education and coaching on parenting and relationships and teens with help concerning life choices and their consequences. Her experience also included clinical work with the adult population in community mental health settings, and in an in-patient mental health facility. Typically, these clients were seen individually and with their families whenever possible.

Martha is licensed in Virginia #0904006988.