John Howard, MA, Resident in Counseling

Practicing Since: 2020

John approaches counseling from a client-centered perspective to help foster a safe, inclusive environment. Maintaining openness and transparency while upholding confidentiality is of utmost importance to him. He helps clients focus on re-framing commonly distressing events into a different, often more positive or constructive lens.

The therapeutic process is the center of the client-counselor relationship and that is built on authenticity, trust and vulnerability. John works hard to ensure that each client is comfortable sharing so that a strong bond is formed to aid in the therapeutic process.

John enjoys reading, playing guitar, and recreational basketball and softball. He is also an avid baseball fan and attends Nationals games as often as possible. Born and raised in Texas, he is the oldest of four children.

John is licensed in the state of Virginia (VA 0704014276) and is under the clinical supervision of LeeAnn Gumulauskas, LPC (VA 0701008515).