Jennifer Staton, MA

Practicing Since: 2004

Counseling is a tool that can be used to assist you, the ultimate authority in finding your answers. At times, we can find ourselves disconnected from life, from others, from God and from ourselves for a variety of reasons. Sometimes having a third party outside your immediate circle of support assist you in reconnecting and finding the answers you are looking for is an important step to take in personal progress. This can be done in a traditional office setting or it can be done in a variety of other ways with tools that can assist you on your journey.

What you can expect from your sessions with Jennifer is an exploration of what has been transpiring in your life in the past, present, and where you want to be. Jennifer with work with you to set personalized goals for whatever it is that you have come to counseling for and will work together with you to help you obtain those goals. There may be things that you both agree upon that you will be given to take home and to prepare for the next session. Counseling is about growth and change. Jennifer knows it is not easy and as a counselor, although she cannot fix anything for you, through counseling together you can find your way.