Hawani Tessema, Resident in Counseling

Practicing Since: 2023

When working with Hawani, clients can expect an emotionally safe and empathetic atmosphere. Hawani utilizes a combination of traditional talk therapy and other evidence-based creative approaches to support each client. 

Hawani believes that the therapeutic process is a way to get professional support to navigate life’s challenges that cause emotional and psychological burdens and cause people to feel stuck. Therapy offers a safe and sacred space to be seen, heard, and equipped to move forward.

Hawani loves experiencing the beauty of nature, learning something new, writing and producing songs and other creative projects, and finding ways to make a difference through partnering with local churches and non-profit organizations.

Hawani is a Resident in Counseling in the state of Virginia and under the clinical supervision of LeeAnn Gumulauskas (VA License #0701008515).