George Thomas Moran, LCPC

Practicing Since: 2008

Having a big heart for those feeling defeated and lost, Tom Moran has always felt his calling to be in the area of Biblical Counseling, even before he was called out of an insurance career and into Seminary in 1996.

Tom had direct care experience in the intellectual disabilities field before graduating college, and continued in this field while earning his Master of Divinity degree at Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD. After completing his Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Discipleship at the same institution, he immediately began to work with children and adolescents with mental health diagnoses in an intensive alternative school in Pennsylvania. He worked with these kids in individual and group settings, as well as within their diverse family units.

Tom also worked with children and adolescents and their families in Family Based and School Based programs, seeking to help kids with severe emotional disturbances to adjust in home, school and community settings. He has an additional four years of specialized training in the field of Eco-Systemic Structural Family Therapy, where therapy focuses not on changing the individual per se, but changing the interactional patterns within family systems.

Tom seeks to integrate biblical principles and truths with an eclectic choice of counseling ideas and theories to address important issues and patterns discovered in sessions.

Tom is an ordained deacon and serves with his church’s leadership team. He has raised four children with his wife of 20+ years. What he enjoys most is music and talk radio, and down time with his family. He likes collecting books, tools and electronic technology.

Tom is licensed in the state of Maryland #LC7032.