Deborah Lee, MA, LCSW

Practicing Since: 2001

While in therapy with Deborah, clients can expect an experienced clinician who is kind, respectful, and compassionate. She will invite her clients to be active collaborators in their healing journey, working alongside Deborah to reach their own unique goals. Taking an integrative and holistic approach to mental wellness, Deborah focuses on treating the whole person- mind, body, and spirit.

The power of thought and interpretations of situations can work to either help or hurt each one of us. And Deborah will assist in helping each of her clients gain self-awareness of negative thoughts and feelings to inch them towards healthier coping strategies and self-regulation.

Having worked in the mental health field for many years, Deborah specializes in CBT treatment for anxiety, depression, and trauma. She has also received training in DBT and EMDR.

No one person is perfect, and perfection is not the goal. Rather, the goal is growth. Taking small, intentional steps each day in the direction of wellness and feeling secure with the journey is what matters- not reaching perfection. And for Christians, knowing our identity in Christ and how to have a relationship with God in conjunction with others is essential in reaching growth.  

A wife and a mother to two daughters, in her spare time, Deborah enjoys walks in nature with her family and dog Mia, reading, journaling, baking, listing to biblical sermons, songs, and podcast, and visiting new coffee shops, bakeries, and home stores around town.

Deborah is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania (#CW022644).