Dajuana Goodman, LGPC

Practicing Since 2021

As a counselor, Dajuana strives to create a safe and unconditionally accepting space for my clients to show up and be their authentic self. She is an eclectic clinician that uses multiple modalities and techniques with a liking for cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, client-centered therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. Her favorite ways of working with clients is by being very relational and allowing clients to be the “expert” in the room.

She believes mental health is one of the most priceless and important commodities we own as human beings, but it is often undervalued. Yet, the quality of our mental health is directly correlated with our quality of life. Therefore, our mental health should be valued and adhered to often with the understanding that the therapeutic process is not linear, fast, or even pleasant most day but still yields rich results to live a fulfilled and joyous life.

She is family-oriented and adventurous. She loves spending time with her family, friends, and loved ones. You can often find her trying or experiencing something new in her spare time, getting lost in a good book, or feeling the joy of a 3-year-old as she paints or creates something with her hands!

Dajuana is an LGPC, license # LGP13269 and is under the clinical supervision of JaVon Townsend, LCSW-C, license #18669.

Client Thrive Program
Credentials Earned:

Engagement Badge
Awarded: 3/28/2024

Connection Badge
Awarded: 3/28/2024

Collaboration Badge
Awarded: 4/3/2024