Springfield, VA - Old Keene Mill Rd Office

Our Safe Harbor office is located inside Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

Springfield, VA - Old Keene Mill Rd Office

8304 Old Keene Mill Rd,
West Springfield, VA 22152

Phone: 800-305-2089

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Counselors in Springfield, VA - Old Keene Mill Rd Office

Mary Niemi, LCSW

Practicing Since: 2010 Mary primarily uses a strengths-based approach as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. She welcomes a faith-based Christian approach to viewing one’s mental health and believes that a healthy relationship with Christ is vital to the health of all relationships. Mary is a…

Issues Served: Abuse/Neglect, ADD/ADHD, Adoption/Foster Care, Anxiety/Panic, Depression, Loss/Abandonment, Self-esteem/self-worth

Caroline Gentry, LPC

Practicing Since: 2010 Caroline truly believes that her clients are the expert of themselves. Listening to their story is her honor and privilege. She knows it can be challenging to be honest about all areas of life. She meets clients wherever they are at. Shame…

Issues Served: Anxiety/Panic, Codependency, Depression, Divorce, Grief/Bereavement, Infertility, Loss/Abandonment, Miscarriages, Self-esteem/self-worth, Sleep/Insomnia, Trauma, Workplace Issues

Martha Miller, LCSW

Practicing Since: 1973 Beginning with Karl Menninger’s Whatever Became of Sin?, Martha sought to integrate her clinical knowledge with Christian principles. Learning God’s names for Himself gave insights into what he wants to do for us; guided by the awesome passages that give insight into God’s…

Issues Served: Anger Management, Anxiety/Panic, Behavioral Issues, Blended Family, Depression, Grief/Bereavement, Loss/Abandonment, Marital/Premarital, PTSD, Self-esteem/self-worth

Kelli Pierce, MA

Practicing Since: 2012 Kelli works with individuals/spouses who are struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, co-dependency, chemical and activity addictions, childhood and adult trauma, grief/loss and stress. Kelli also works with couples who struggle with communication, abuse, chemical and/or sexual addiction, affair repair, parenting, and overall enrichment. …

Issues Served: Abuse/Neglect, Addiction (Process i.e. food, gambling, other), Addiction (Sexual), Addiction (Substance i.e. drug/alcohol), Anxiety/Panic, Behavioral Issues, Bipolar Disorder, Blended Family, Career Counseling, Codependency, Depression, Divorce, Geriatric, Grief/Bereavement, Infidelity, Loss/Abandonment, Marital/Premarital, Personality Disorders, Self-esteem/self-worth, Self-harm, Sex therapy, Testing/Evaluation, Trauma, Workplace Issues

Claudia McDowell, LCSW

Practicing Since: 1998 Claudia has over twenty years of experience working with children and families. She utilizes a strength-based perspective to support individuals through the healing journey. Claudia’s practice incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and trauma-informed best practices. She has received advanced training…

Issues Served: Abuse/Neglect, ADD/ADHD, Adoption/Foster Care, Anxiety/Panic, Behavioral Issues, Blended Family, Depression, Loss/Abandonment, Self-esteem/self-worth, Workplace Issues