Wen “Shang” Ji, LCPC

Practicing Since: 2016

Wen believes clients know themselves the best. She is a person who uses professional strategies to walk side by side with each unique individual to help them reach their therapeutic goals.

Wen utilizes various therapeutic interventions such as Family Systems Theory, Psychodynamic, Theory, Experiential Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral, Insight Oriented, Structural Family Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, and many other modalities based on the need and pace of the client.

Sometimes the client can be eager to look for solutions of problems, yet ignore the fact that without finding the root of the problem, solutions only work temporarily. When a person loses their voice, it can affect the power of being themselves, the strength of being vulnerable, the eyes of seeing their own beauty, and the confidence of getting what they long for. They will soon realize that they are busy fixing “problems” one after another. In sessions, Shang may encourage her clients to walk down the valley to meet the past hurts and shame; she may encourage to revisit some painful memories the client never intend to revisit, but she will walk side by side with them to do all of this hard work as it is necessary for healing.

Wen is licensed in the state of Maryland #LC10870.