Talisha Telsee, MS, LPC-A

Practicing Since: 2014

Talisha always describes the first few minutes of meeting a client for the first time as vital and critical. The client’s first impression of Talisha will likely always be gauged by her warmth, presence, and a smile. To help her clients feel at ease, she informs them that the therapeutic relationship is a partnership, a journey, and a dance-yes, a dance; when two people come together to dance, the individuals have to find a balance and rhythm that works best for the “dance experience,” also known as the “counseling experience.” Talisha is also aware that for some clients, it takes a while for the relationship to gel to a ‘perfect’ fit. Talisha’s clients’ comfortability is always the main priority.

Although Talisha has only been practicing as a therapist since 2014, she has been working in the mental health field for over 10 years. Talisha has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in community-based mental health systems assisting clients with sustaining them in their natural environments by providing in-home therapy, crisis interventions, and case management services (for clients in need of assistance with meeting their everyday needs). While completing her graduate education, she had the opportunity to secure Safe Harbor as her internship site in Bel Air, Maryland. Under the guidance and supervision of one of Safe Harbor’s therapists, Ms. Eular Gibbs, Talisha was specifically trained in psychoanalytical, psychodynamic treatment modalities. Talisha aims to explore the depths of an individual’s earliest experiences in life (from infancy through early childhood) to help them connect with their present experiences and challenges (emotional, mental, physical, and environmental).

Talisha describes herself as an ocean lover and thinks of the ocean as her “beyond beautiful place of tranquility.” She loves animals (dogs being her favorite). She attributes her drive and passion for serving others to who she calls her ‘beautiful angel,’ Ms. Kortney Marie, who is 26 years old with special needs and is non-verbal.

Talisha is licensed in the state of South Carolina #7370.