Robin Barnes, Master’s Level Clinical Intern

Practicing Since 2013

Robin aims to offer a nurturing, empathetic environment for clients that fosters support, compassion, and cooperation. In practice, she utilizes therapeutic methods like CBT, person-centered therapy, and mindfulness techniques, including deep breathing exercises (such as breath prayers) for those interested. When requested, she employs a bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework in counseling, which is incorporated based on individual client preferences.

She believes that mental health is one aspect of a person that impacts the whole being. One’s mental health journey is a process of learning, growth, and healing that is unique to the individual. Building a strong therapeutic alliance that provides safety in sharing, in a non-judgmental, and honest way is paramount. Robin is humbled and privileged to work with individuals, couples, and families on their path to growth and wellness.

Married with five children, Robin enjoys spending time with her family, along with bonfires, coffee with friends, walks, and reading a good book.

Robin is under the clinical Robert Basler LCSW-C, License #10421.