Dr. Kiu Eubanks-Smith, PhD, Psychologist

Practicing Since: 2000

Dr. Eubanks Smith is gifted in her ability to connect with clients and has a track record of success helping people transform from crisis to stability. Dr. Smith has specific expertise in Women’s Mental Health. Dr. Eubanks Smith also has 17 years of experience in clinical and counseling psychology, with advanced skills in diagnostics, assessment, and psychological evaluation. All clients served are believed to be capable of wholeness, will power, and personal growth.  

Dr. Eubanks Smith earned her PhD in Psychology from New York University and her EdM in Adolescent Risk and Prevention from Harvard University, completing her clinical training at Duke University for internship. Dr. Eubanks Smith is licensed in Clinical Psychology in Maryland and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. 

Dr. Eubanks-Smith is licensed in the state of Maryland #05244.