Kathleen “Katie” Goldbranson, Master’s Level Clinical Intern

Practicing Since: 2023

Katie aims to create a safe and accepting environment for her clients, where they feel empowered to work through the issues affecting them. Her main therapeutic approach is client-centered, but she will adapt the modalities used based on her relationship with each individual. However, Katie enjoys utilizing cognitive, strengths based, and trauma-informed techniques during therapy.

In her opinion, Katie believes there is no “good” or “bad” mental health; instead, there is simply the person, and where they are currently at. She sees it as her job to help people discover where they are at with their mental health, and to give them the opportunity to explore ways to understand and cope with life’s struggles, events, relationships, etc. This is why Katie will work closely with each person- developing a strong relationship built on mutual trust and collaboration, to help each person discover their innate strengths and accomplish their therapeutic goals.

Katie comes from an education background, with a B.A. in English and Secondary in Education, with a focus on working with middle and high school students. She is currently pursuing her MSW degree, with the goal of expanding her demographic reach to a variety of individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences.

A Midwestern gal, fiancée, and cat mom, in her spare time, Katie loves puzzling, watching new movies and shows, and picking up new bits of knowledge everywhere she goes.

Kathleen Goldbranson is under the clinical supervision of Jenna Santucci-Freeman, LCSW-C, Maryland (#19492).