Giesele Fitzsimmons, MSW, LCSW

Practicing Since: 2004

Giesele believes that as we are all different, each client-counselor relationship is also. Therefore, no one approach works for all. She sees the importance of the therapeutic relationship built on trust which is created in a safe, inviting, and comforting environment. Giesele believes in the importance of being present; for others to feel truly heard, understood, and supported. She understands the gravity of what is means to sit with someone in their truth, in their grief and brokenness (as we all are broken), and in our joys. She believes in meeting people just as and where there they are. She believes she can only best serve others by seeing them as a whole, not just in their mental wellness/state of mind, but also in their physical wellness/state of body, and spiritual state of wellness. She believes in the importance of understanding the lens in which people see themselves and the world around them and how this is shaped through their experiences, perceptions, and beliefs. Giesele’s practice is person-centered and strength-based, providing insight, advocacy, and encouragement helping people to reach their goals. She feels that her extensive grief work experience has been a great asset to her practice as she sees how it transcends to all areas of counseling whether the loss is of: self/ identity, a job, a marriage, health, sense of control, etc. Giesele integrates many therapeutic modalities often including, but not limited to: Insight-Oriented Psychotherapy, Grief Counseling, Existential Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution-focused.

Giesele was born in a Christian home, the youngest of three girls. She was raised with the importance of God’s love, being in relationship with Him daily, and how we are to be His hands and feet to the world. Drawn to the ocean in 2000, she left Fairfield County to attend Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. In search for something greater; a way to make more of a difference in the lives of others. She was introduced to social work and immediately felt this calling on her life. Giesele earned her Bachelor of Science in Social Work and remained in RI for Graduate school in Providence to earn her Master of Social Work at Rhode Island College with a Clinical concentration with a focus in Children and Families. School provided her the opportunity to work in the group home setting, hospital setting, as well as children school setting. She was originally drawn to the Peace Corps and International Social Work to fight poverty and human tracking. While this still remains a desire of her heart and more of a volunteer-focus, Giesele entered to practice social work in counseling for children, adults and families, later those with chronic mental illness, and most recently and extensively in medical social work. She has worked many years in Oncology Social Work in the hospital and outpatient setting and the last ten years focused in hospice care/end of life care, and grief work including facilitating bereavement support groups. She has found this work to be very challenging and rewarding to support her clients through pivotal decisions, exploring their fears, helping to identify their wishes, and advocating alongside them. Giesele considers it an honor to be present to serve at such a sacred time and space. After many years in RI and Cape Cod, MA, Giesele returned home to CT to be closer to family and friends.

Giesele is licensed in Connecticut #10365.