Briana Slade, LMSW

Practicing Since: 2016

Briana likes to utilize client-focused therapy overall, while combining psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral techniques. She realizes and appreciates that each client is unique and she likes to spend the first session hearing her client’s story. From there, she will build goals with her client and work at their pace. Briana believes listening with compassion is the best therapeutic tool and makes sure to end each session with the individual to experience some form of relief. Pain leads individuals to seek therapy to process what’s going on inside of them and that pain can be processed through therapy such as – mindfulness exercises, art, writing narratives, and role playing. Building trust is Briana’s main priority, so as she is using her clinical knowledge, she will not talk over the client’s head. She is driven to communicate clinically and professionally but with genuineness so that each client feels safe and on equal footing. 

Briana earned her B.S. from University of Maryland College Park, and her MSW from University of Maryland, Baltimore. She holds a MD license as a Licensed Master Social Worker. She has a diverse client history including children in both home and school-based settings, geriatric care, adolescents, and adults navigating the onset or maintenance of behavioral health issues. She is passionate about working with individuals who struggle with mental health because so often their pain can go unseen and unaddressed. Briana currently works for the Department of Social Services in direct service with foster care youth and their families. In her spare time, she loves to read and hike.

Briana is licensed in the state of Maryland #24003.