Bethany Miracle-Larson, MA, Resident in Counseling

Practicing Since: 2014

Bethany’s approach to therapy utilizes a blend of therapeutic models, as she desires to meet her clients where they are. However, her primary therapeutic approaches are Solution-Focused Therapy, which supports the client in creating and implementing lasting solutions to their challenges, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which helps the client to move away from unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to create a peaceful and happy existence. Bethany feels that these counseling approaches are closely aligned with Scripture, which teaches that a person acts out and eventually becomes what they think (Proverbs 23:7). Her counseling philosophy extracts and integrates valuable truths from both psychology and Scripture so that changes are undergirded by the inner working of the Holy Spirit. 

Bethany creates a safe environment and believes that every individual deserves respect, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard in an atmosphere that is saturated with grace and is free from judgment or criticism.  

Bethany graduated from Liberty with Masters in Professional Counseling in 2014, completed her graduate level counseling internship at Life Christian Counseling Center in 2014. She currently is a Resident in Counseling and under the supervision from a Licensed Professional Counselor.

In addition to Bethany’s counseling coursework, she has been trained and worked as both a Lay Counselor and a Titus II Mentor for women, a Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Prepare Enrich Premarital/Marriage Facilitator. She has led numerous seminars for women on building self-esteem, finding balance in a chaotic world, and life transitions (career, divorce, relocation). She has also led seminars for couples preparing for marriage and those who desire to enrich their marriage. Bethany’s passion is to combine life/work experiences and education/training with Biblical insights to cultivate hope, healing, and restoration in the lives of individuals and couples.  

Bethany is licensed in the state of Virginia #0704010024 and is under the supervision of Susan Kathleen Cogan, LPC license #0701006628.