A Place of Hope.
Since 1996, our hallmark has been to provide life-changing, affordable counseling in the heart of local communities.

Safe Harbor Assisted Living Partnership Program

  • We offer licensed counselors (LCSW-C) on-site to provide clinically-sound mental health services.
  • Our counselors bring a vast array of expertise related to senior behavioral health issues.
  • There is no cost to the Assisted Living Facility (we are an in-network provider with Maryland & DC Medicaid and Medicare).
  • We can work with all of the residents, or just some of them (if they already have mental health counselors that they are currently working with).
  • We handle all insurance billing from our national office in Bel Air, MD. Client records are kept electronically—we do not need to store records.
  • Collaboration and Seamless treatment: Our on-site counselors value collaboration with staff to ensure compassionate, high-quality clinical health services.
senior couple seeking counseling services

We also are available to work with family members and staff with individual or group counseling, as well as In-Service education.

A Message from a Care Group Counselor

Donna Keaveney, Counselor"I've always had a great reverence & respect for older people. I see them as survivors of life, reservoirs of wisdom, and role models for our youth. Many older people are resilient, as they have experience with weathering life's trials and storms. Yet the later stages of life can bring unique challenges.

As a geriatric social worker/counselor for the last 20 years, I am very aware of the struggles of older people...adjusting to illness & memory loss, grieving losses, outliving family & friends, adjustment to loss of independence, dealing with unresolved life issues, and adapting to new living accommodations. The saying rings true, 'old age isn't for sissies'.

However, despite these challenges, there is HOPE. As a counselor with Safe Harbor, I have witnessed the immeasurable value of counseling. Our counselors partner with their clients in their journey. We provide hope for people who are hurting & help them rebuild their resilience. Whether struggling with depression, dealing with unresolved life issues, or just needing help with coping with life changes, we can help by connecting residents with one of our dedicated, compassionate counselors. Helping others is our passion!"

—Donna Keaveney, LCSW-C
Safe Harbor Counseling

Steps to Establishing an On-Site Location

STEP 1: Review information packet/email about establishing 
a desire for a Safe Harbor Partnership.

STEP 2: Meet with the Director of Community Outreach for a Q&A meeting, and sign Memorandum of Understanding.

STEP 3: Have an initial meeting with your on-site The Care Group at Safe Harbor Counselor, and review program introduction, and intake procedure.

Note: Program Introduction usually consists of staff meeting, introduction letter and brochures for future participants.

STEP 4: Establish monitoring & follow up timetable to assure program is running well.

We are in 9 states, with over 150 counselors and 100 locations at local churches, schools, senior housing facilities & shelters nationwide. We accept most major health insurance.
For more information, contact:
Kenneth C. Guise
Director of Community Outreach
at kenguise@safeharbor1.com
or call 410-984-9720.