Safe Harbor Proposes Partnership with Missions, Shelters, and Transitional Housing to provide counseling services to all the men, women, and children in the program

  • We offer licensed counselors (LCSW-C or LCPC) on-site to provide clinically-sound mental health services.
  • The Care Group at Safe Harbor's counselors bring a vast array of expertise
  • Our counselors bring a vast array of expertise related to treatment of substance abuse, trauma, and mental health issues.
  • There is no cost to the Mission, Shelter, or Transitional Housing (we are an in-network provider with Maryland & DC Medicaid).
  • We can work with all of the men and women in the program, or just some of them (if they already have mental health counselors that they are currently working with).
  • We handle all insurance billing from our national office in Bel Air, MD. Client records are kept electronically—we do not need to store records.
  • Our counselors and administrative personnel work closely with the staff in scheduling all sessions.
  • Collaboration and Seamless treatment: Our on-site counselors value collaboration with the mission, shelter, or transitional housing staff to ensure high-quality clinical and compassionate treatment.

Steps to Establishing an On-Site Location

STEP 1: Review information packet/email about establishing 
a desire for a Safe Harbor Partnership.

STEP 2: Meet with the Director of Community Outreach for a Q&A meeting, and sign Memorandum of Understanding.

STEP 3: Have an initial meeting with your on-site The Care Group at Safe Harbor Counselor, and review program introduction, and intake procedure.

Note: Program Introduction usually consists of staff meeting, introduction letter and brochures for future participants.
STEP 4: Establish monitoring & follow up timetable to assure program is running well.

We are in 9 states, with over 120 counselors and 100 locations at local churches, schools, missions & shelters nationwide. We accept most major health insurance.
For more information, contact:
Kenneth C. Guise
Director of Community Outreach
or call 410-984-9720.

Association of Gospel Rescue MissionsCurrently in partnership with:
Central Union Mission (Washington DC)
Helping Up Mission (Baltimore, MD)
Westminster Rescue Mission (Westminster, MD)
Frederick Rescue Mission (Frederick, MD)