with Jory Fisher

The Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) defines life coaching as a profession that "… helps people tap into their inner purpose and passion and connect that with outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results."

The bottom line is that life coaches work in partnership with their clients to help them dramatically improve their personal and professional life.

Clients come to coaching from all walks of life and with a myriad of desires and intentions. The role of a life coach is to fully align with the client, so that the client knows the coach is wholeheartedly behind her, supporting her in whatever issues and concerns she may bring to each session. It is through this client-centered relationship that the client comes to know and honor her own unique brilliance and is equipped to fulfill the desires of her heart.

Professionally certified as a Christian Coach, Life Coach, Health Coach*, and True Purpose™ Coach, Jory will work with you to support forward movement personally and professionally. By prayerfully listening to your concerns and asking questions that will give you clarity and perspective, Jory will hold you accountable to your personal, professional, and spiritual goals and help you realize your God-given potential.

*As a health coach, Jory will help you learn how to integrate healthy habits into your life—habits that are essential to healthy weight maintenance and stress-free living. She will guide you through a program, which includes a healthy habit system and portion-controlled meal replacements, and mentor you to overcome challenges that may have prevented you from succeeding in the past.

Jessica Rexroth testimonial"Jory, I am so thankful that God brought you back into my life when He did! I was just about to graduate from seminary and felt incredibly uncertain about the future. I had so many passions and even skills, but was confused as to how to best use my life to make a difference in this world. Searching for my purpose with your guidance and direction was exactly what I needed! It was such an enlightening process, and I loved the ways it drew me closer to God (my 'Trusted Source'). I am confident that He will continue to use my life in strategic ways as I use the blessing He has given me and fulfill my mission in this life. Not only has it been a personally enriching time, but as I have begun my new career, all of our 'purpose work' has directly fed into my new job description. I have the confidence that I am not just wandering aimlessly. Instead I am purposefully headed in the direction that God has planned. Thank you for your diligence, encouragement, direction, and friendship along the way! I can tell you are living out your purpose. It has made a significant difference in my life. Many thanks!"

—Jessica Rexroth, M.A.
Youth for Christ Missionary, Englewood, CO

After reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions, contact Jory to explore the possibility of coaching with her.