with Jory Fisher

Do you wonder how to turn your passion for helping others into a sustainable business that brings you abundant prosperity and joy?

Jory works primarily with Christian women entrepreneurs who feel called to make a significant difference in the lives of others—but are having trouble getting their business off the ground. Why choose a business coach?

  • Maybe you're not attracting the clients you're meant to serve.
  • Maybe you're uncertain about the transformation you're intended to make.
  • Maybe you struggle with false and limiting beliefs.
  • Maybe the thought of marketing your services sends chills up your spine!

Jory can help you discern your specific life calling, clear away your fears, and learn how to genuinely share your gifts and abilities with others both online and off. By working with Jory, you'll be able to attract more clients, serve more people, and make the difference you're here on earth meant to make. She can help you develop the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to be purposefully and joyfully successful.

Julie Fleming testimonial"I've always been a Type A 'work harder, push harder' kind of person, even more so when I started my business. After making a connection with my Trusted Source (the Holy Spirit) and finding my purpose, I've discovered that being more intentional and even stopping certain parts of the work I was doing makes me feel better personally and allows me to work more effectively in my business. I've discovered what I'm here to do, and when I bring that to my clients... wow, everything changes, and I'm free to do my best work—which means that my clients succeed more quickly, then they're able to do their best work, and the ripple effect just keeps going.
And working with you was a fabulous process. Even though we did all the work by phone, it felt as if we were sitting on the same side of the table, working together closely. I felt so supported through the process. You kept me honest and moving forward in a rigorous, supportive, and loving way."

—Julie Fleming, JD ACC
Business Development Coach/Consultant for Client Service Professionals, Atlanta, GA

"If we work together, what outcomes may I expect?"

Remember the scene in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia in which the Pevensie children tumble out of the stately old wardrobe into the wondrous, magical beauty of the land of Narnia? They discover a whole new world, not without its dangers, disappointments, and deceptions—but a world full of awe, joy, splendor and, ultimately, peace.

Learning and living out your purpose in the marketplace is like passing through those wardrobe doors. You'll know with certainty:

  • Whom you're meant to serve (and how to attract them)
  • What transformation you're meant to make (and how to make it)
  • Which endeavors and opportunities suit you and your business best

You'll wake up in the morning knowing you have a specific reason for being on this earth.

You'll be calm and confident knowing you're making the difference you're meant to make.

You'll know how to promote your products and services in a way that feels comfortable and fun!

After reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions, contact Jory to explore the possibility of coaching with her.