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How We Love

"How We Love"
by Milan and Kay Yerkovich

"How We Love has the capacity to change not only your marriage but every relationship that's important to your life."

—Josh McDowell

Safe Haven Marriage

"Safe Haven Marriage"
by Dr. Sharon Hart Morris

Psychologists Arch Hart, Ph.D, and Sharon Hart Morris, Ph.D., present a detailed blueprint for establishing a marital safe haven so that couples can count on each other and avoid criticizing, blaming and shutting out their partners during tough times.

For Women Only

"For Women Only"
by Shaunti Feldhahn

"What you need to know about the inner lives of men"
Why is respect more important to husbands than love? Do men have an inner vulnerability? Why does sex unlock a man's emotions? Is a wife's appearance important? This groundbreaking book unmasks men's inner wiring and equips wives to meet them at the point of their deepest needs.

Endorsed by: Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, Fox Morning Show, Andy Stanley and Beth Moore – "What an important book!"

For Men Only

"For Men Only"
by Shaunti Feldhahn

Women can be very complicated at times, but by applying simple truths to your relationship, you might find they're actually quite simple to figure out. Don't keep guessing what makes your wife or girlfriend happy—read this insightful map and find the highway to her heart with a much less bumpy ride. A Focus on the Family Recommendation.