Dragana "Dee" Hrvat, LGPCVictoria Simmons-Elkins

Practicing Since: 2009

Issues: Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Loss, Parenting, Anger Management, Stress, Family Issues, Marital and Relationship Issues, self harm behaviors, Trauma, PTSD, difficult adjustments to life transitions and divorce, Mood disorders, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, ODD, Co-Occurring Disorders, Adjustment disorders

Special Populations Served: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Individuals, Couples, Parents and Groups

What Clients Can Expect From You:

Dee adapts her clinical approach to match the needs of her clients but utilizing a variety of approaches including cognitive behavioral, person-cantered, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, family multi-generational approaches, strength-based, and trauma focused interventions. Dee has a passion for helping others navigate through life’s difficulties, and to see the hope and change in her clients’ lives.


Dee has worked with children, adolescents and the families in family based and school based programs, seeking to help individuals with severe emotional disturbances in homes, schools and community settings. Dee was drawn to counseling while still in high school when friends and family revealed she was a naturally good listener, gifted with intuition, compassion and has the ability to empathize with others. She believes in relative approach to counseling and as such, strive to provide a safe place for people to be heard and find acceptance of where they truly are – not just where they should be.  “The Person is more important than the Problem,” is one of her favorite sayings! Working from wellness perspective, she resolve barriers to natural growth and development, and promote healing and joyfulness.

Dee has earned her Bachelors Degree in Gerontology from University of Maryland and her Masters in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University; She has received Associate degree from UMBC in Biology and Nursing, and is certified in Health and Aging. She was born and raised in Bosnia where she has experienced first hand life tragedies, trauma, loss and survival for shelter.

Her life experiences as well as educational trainings place her to understand and allow her to specialize how to deal with grief, PTSD, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, depression, parent/child conflict, self-harming behaviors, crisis de-escalation, difficult adjustments to life transitions and divorce.