Sarah Saffran, LCPC, LCPATJerry Lawler, Counselor

Practicing Since: 2011

Issues/Disorders: Women’s issues, Self Esteem/Worth, Mood Disorders, Depression, Anxiety/Stress, Grief/Loss, Faith/Spirituality, Trauma, General Adjustment and Transitions

Special Populations Served: Adolescents, Adults

Sarah enjoys working with those invested in a desire for personal growth and are open to engaging in using a creative process as a part of their healing journey, those who like to work with their hands, and creative thinkers.

What clients should expect:

Sarah embraces a holistic approach: identifying connections between mind, body, and spirit while engaging all the senses in a purposeful way. As a clinician, she utilizes an integrated blend of traditional talk therapy, art therapy, and mindfulness approaches based on the client’s needs and preferences.

Sarah feels that therapy can be a creative, playful, and collaborative process. She uses an active, client-centered way of approaching therapy goals, helping the client recognize and build on their own strengths to bring positive change. Sarah wants to help her clients tell their unique story in the safety of the space created together so that the client is able to own their story, processing through it and create a new chapter as they move forward in healing. The therapeutic relationship offers a safe, accepting space for clients to learn more about themselves and develop strategies to feel better. The client is then empowered to shift their perspective and circumstances to lead a more balanced life.

What to expect from Art Therapy:


Art Therapy is the therapeutic use of the creative process which may include use of traditional art materials as well as guided imagery, mindfulness, or creative thinking. Using art in counseling stimulates the brain in areas unreachable by verbal means alone. It provides direct links to meditative, reflective practices and modes of relaxation; can allow opportunity to enhance creative thinking and problem solving.

For those who desire, Sarah incorporates faith-based perspectives, Scripture, and prayer. As a lifelong Christian, Sarah believes in the power of prayer and the Word of God as tools to gain strength and freedom over struggles and strongholds. She loves to offer the hope of Christ’s redemption and grace to clients, helping clients to reflect on their connection to God in the midst of sin and suffering.

Sarah considers herself a student of life, always pursuing personal growth and expanding her expertise professionally to meet the needs of clients. Sarah enjoys all things DIY, including gardening, natural living and essential oils. She enjoys spending time in nature, listening to music, being creative with her children, snuggling with her dog, and spending time with God.