Annette Schlossnagle, LCSW-CJerry Lawler, Counselor

Practicing Since: 2014

Issues: Anger, Conflict resolutions, Developmental issues, Grief/Loss, Marital, Peer relationships, School based problems, Self esteem, Sexuality, Social skills, Spiritual

Disorders Served: ADHD, Anxiety D/O, Depressive D/O, Disruptive, Dissociative D/O, Impulse Control and Conduct D/O, ODD, Mood D/O, OCD, Personality D/O, Substance Related and Addiction D/O, Trauma D/O

Special Populations Served: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples

Personal belief about counseling (way of being and intervening): I believe seeking counseling is a sign of strength. Each individual has strengths, otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are now. Therapy is a helping relationship in which I as the psychotherapist have the privilege of knowing and journeying with you in ways that not everyone is honored or able to do. You can learn and grow in ways that allow you to better meet any challenge. Therapy is a sacred trust between you and the therapist.

What clients should expect from sessions with you:  When working together is a good fit, you can expect me to first of all ethical then professional, and compassionate. I will listen without judgement and work with you to help you achieve YOUR goals. You will be treated with dignity and respect.